About Us

Not one of us is like another so why do we try to treat people like they are. Our mission is to change that story.
Our story is about seeing the whole person and finding a management plan that meets your core values and beliefs whilst improving or maintaining your health.
Julia Lynch
Unusual Physio Founder
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With 20 years of experience internationally and locally, our founder wanted to create a service that bridged the gaps she saw in meeting clients’ needs.

  • Management plan that considered a clients core values, culture and religious beliefs.
  • That respiratory physiotherapy has a role in breathe work to manage stress and anxiety.
  • A service that understood neurodiversity and that ¬†therapy and management needed to be modified to fit the person.
  • Professional interpreters should be used in a client’s first language at all times to ensure they are heard and all their questions answered.
  • Understanding your body and how and why it works.
  • Give adequate time to hear the client.
  • Respiratory physiotherapy can be used to improve performance from elite to social levels of exercise.
  • Communicate regularly and openly with the client’s team of health professionals.
Cardiorespiratory Physiotherapy

Health Benefits


Improved Quality of Life


Improved Functional Capacity


Effective Part of Management Plan for Stress, Anxiety and Depression


Reduced Hospital Admissions


Increased knowledge about how your body works leading to Autonomy.

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